No harmful additives or artificial preservatives.


Watch how our product can benefit your child!

About Rosies Sausages

The University of Food Technologies – Plovdiv has developed a special technology for the production of meat products without the use of artificial preservatives.

The substitution of the harmful additives is based on a unique extract from Rose Damscena. Moreover, the university experts used their know-how to create the whole product, as a nutrition value and the right raw materials so that it can provide everything necessary for our youngest generation.

What is the current problem?

There is an insufficient amount of bio meat products specially designed with children in mind.

Our BIO Rosie Sausages are based on comprehensive university research for developing a product with entire natural origin especially designed for children. We succeeded to create a special extract of Rose Damascena for a direct substitution of the artificial preservatives, with proven harmful effect.

With this extract we replaced the synthetic preservatives and received a healthy value added product. This technology is developed by the University of Food Technologies, which is the number one research institution in the food sector for the last 70 years in Bulgaria.

Who do we want to speak to?

Parents who pay particular attention to making the right food choices for their children.

People who wants to find specially designed food products with specific nutritional value, which have a positive health impact.

Our Team

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Rada Dinkova

Technology Department

Desislava Vangelova


Annie Yaneva


Georgi Toskov